Tuesday, July 26, 2011


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Hi All


Okay this is going to be my most boring start to an email yet.


No Report Back (not even from MATES – it is possible that I have been excommunicated).


No acsis VOB Run this coming weekend because of:


1.       Hout Bay Trail Challenge

2.       The Tortoise Run

3.       TSiBA Education New Balance Trail Series


So this is a pretty big weekend in the trail racing calendar.


But from August we are back on track with our program and will be training furiously for Table Mountain Challenge.  But the first run (6 August) will be a Puffer Leg from Fish Hoek to Constantia Nek.  This will be run in conjunction with MATES Running Club.  Full details will be sent out next Monday but our basic schedule of our August runs is available on the blog http://vobtrail.blogspot.com/ (see the 18 July 2011 post in particular) .


Now as far as this coming weekend is concerned, it is too late to try and get into 1. or 2. Above.  So my recommendation is that you get out there and enter and run No.3 the TSiBA Education New Balance Trail Series which is being run in Groot Constantia this Saturday.  See details below:


A reminder that the next in the series of TSiBA Eden – New Balance wine farm runs will be held on Saturday 30 July at the popular Groot Constantia Wine Estate, Cape Town. Please see below flyer for further details, and map beneath. Please take care to pack away valuables at the event, and note the new entry fee of R60. Thanks very much for your support to TSiBA Eden school.



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Map – Groot Constantia Wine Estate


GPS Coordinates:  34 01’ 37,03” S,  18 25’ 28,84” E

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Map - directions to Groot Constantia






And while we are in the Constantia Valley, check out the exciting new Trail Race at Steenberg – The Steenberg Vineyard Trail Race.  Have a look at the attached flyer.  At first glance it may seem expensive but look at what you get for it !!!!!!  Superb.  Note that New Balance is in the thick of it again with a generous prize / gift sponsorship.





And here is another exciting trail race to look forward to………….


The BCA MATES Trail Challenge

Date: Saturday, 15 October
Distance(s): 15km; 8km
Time: Registration from 6am, start at 7am

Cost: R50 (short) R100 (long)

Tel: 072 5835221

MATES - info@capetrailrunning.co.za

website - http://capetrailrunning.co.za
more info: http://capetrailrunning.co.za/wordpress/?page_id=52&event_id=4

And in case you want to post it on a website or event calendar somewhere, here is the press release:
New Trail Run on the calendar!
There are a lot of events around our beloved Table Mountain these days, and even the Northern suburbs and the wine lands are attracting their share of races, but what about our mates up the West Coast? Ah-hah!  We have the answer: the BCA MATES Trail Challenge is set for the 15th of October 2011 in the Blaauwberg Conservation Area.  With stunning views of Table Mountain, you can run either the 15km or the 8km route.
Check out the MATES website for all the details and registration form:
The race is organized in conjunction with the Friends of BCA, which is a non-profit organization made up of volunteers protecting the Blaauwberg Conservation Area (BCA).  While our mission might be to run the whole race in this beautiful area (even those up hills!), their goal is to ensure it's utilised to the benefit of the general public now and for the future.  (We won't quibble over whose mission is more honourable...)  The proceeds of the race will go to the BCA, which is only 25 kms from the centre of town and regarded as a global biodiversity hot spot.  It’s about 2 000 ha in size and is a rich mosaic of natural, cultural and historical elements.  Being so close to Cape Town also means the area has the potential to become an
open-air classroom, easily accessible to millions of people in its proximity.  The race is sure to be a wonderful way to explore this beautiful area.

Come on out for a run in our own "front yard" - we'll see you there!

Kind Regard
 Meindert Hoving
 MATES running club
 072 583 5221


Have a great week Everyone.






Tim Bellairs

Tel:     + 27 (0)21 416-6792

Fax:    + 27 (0)21 416-8792

Cell:     082 321-0299





Monday, July 18, 2011


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Good morning Everyone


I’m afraid I am going to do the unspeakable to you this coming weekend and cancel the official acsis VOB Run (but not the Walk / Run Group).  I seriously need to hit the books this weekend for my FAIS Exam on Monday 25 July.  I thought I would be able to handle organising a run as well but have decided to take the pressure off.  We are not yet at a point where we have sufficient group leaders to implement the roster but we are getting there.  Sorry about that.  There will almost certainly be replacement runs, some of them formal and some of them informal and I will send a notice out later in the week as to what your options are.


However, please note that Peter Rogers’ acsis VOB Trail Walk / Run Group WILL BE RUNNING this Saturday – see details below.



Report Back


I was surprised by the extent of the responses to our Dog-friendly Trail Run from regular runners.  I received many emails from people who said that they were not prepared to run with dogs and would be doing their own thing.  Fair enough, for sure.  So I was pretty much expecting to be doing a solo run on Saturday and when, by 07h15 there were no takers in sight I was tossing up with going home and climbing back into bed.  Then there was the usual last 10 minute rush of arrivals and we actually ended up with a nice little group that set off bang on time (okay we were 1 minute late).  What is more, we had a group of extremely well behaved dogs who were a pleasure to run with.  I was impressed beyond my wildest expectations.  The prize for the best behaved dogs must go to Paul Harmer and his (miniature?) border collies.  If all dogs could be like that then there would never be a problem with dogs on runs.


Most runners elected to do the long run although most dog-owners took the short route due to the unseasonable heat.  A very wise decision I think.  But the run itself was absolutely superb.  The pace was not too fast but then everyone seemed to be happy to take in the views instead of gunning it around the course.  I attach the route and the elevation chart (although for some reason it has reverted to miles again).  The distance was 19.6km.  As anticipated the run took about 3h30mins.   It was great run and I would like to thanks all of you who came a long and supported this initiative.


To be honest I was expecting to be writing to you this morning saying that we tried and it didn’t work, but the truth is that it did work.  However, it must also be recognised that it was a small group, which helped, and also recognise that certain rules (a type of code of conduct for dog-owners) need to be implemented for when we do this again in order for this to be a continued success.  So I can confirm that we will definitely be doing this again sometime.


But until then, we have other matters to consider and the biggest request coming through now is for training runs for The Table Mountain Challenge.  These training runs will be the focus of our August Training Schedule.



Acsis VOB Trail Walk / Run Group – Saturday 23 July 2011




From the parking area close by the Kloofnek circle we run a short way up Tafelberg road to the gate and then up the steep path/steps to the upper contour path.  From here we follow the contour path right across the North face of Table Mountain to Silverstream waterfall where shortly after the path splits and we take the Lower traverse to where it comes out just above the gate at the end of Tafelberg Rd.  Then back along Tafelberg Rd to the second gate which opens onto the Deer Park.  From here we follow the trail which runs below the road to the end and then a short run down to the cars.

RV & Start Time


Rendezvous [RV] at the Kloof nek parking area by 0730.    Come up Kloofnek rd and at the circle turn left into Tafelberg Rd go up about 150m to the second entrance to the parking area on your left.

Distance & Estimated Time


About 12 kms.  Starts with a steepish climb up to the contour path and then mostly undulating mountain trail followed by a run along the t*r rd before we drop down to the track through the Deer park. Estimated time about 2hrs.


Have a good week- Summer is on its way!  --Peter


Peter D Rogers

Acsis VOB Trail Walk/Run Group

Mobile: 082 374 6262

Blog: www.vobtrailwrg.blogspot.com



AUGUST acsis VOB TRAIL RUNNING SCHEDULE (subject to change when I realise what I have committed to)



SATURDAY 6 AUG 2011:                We will join in with the MATES Puffer Training Run and run from Fish Hoek to Constantia Nek.  Short Route will be from Silvermine to Constantia Nek.  We will fit in with their start time –

probably 07h00).  Please start giving thought to vehicle admin as the run ends a long way from the start.  Also bear in mind that many people will make a long weekend of this as

Tuesday 9 August is Womens Day.


Start 07h00 (not yet confirmed)


SATURDAY 13 AUG 2011:              Leg 1 of Table Mountain Challenge.  Start at Kloof Nek to Kings Blockhouse through Deer Park and return via a variety of options: tar road for sissies, Devils Peak Upper Contour Path /

                                                                Traverse if I can find it.  If I can’t find it we will go to the summit of Devils Peak (via the Mowbray RidGE Route which involves a minor scramble near the top – you have been warned).


                                                                Start 07h00


Road Race on Sunday 14 Aug is the Reutech Solutions John Korasie 30km.



SATURDAY 20 AUG 2011:              Legs 1 and 2 of Table Mountain Challenge together.  Kloof Nek through Deer Park to Kings Blockhouse and then Contour Path to Constantia Nek via Newlands Forest and Kirstenbosch. 

Car admin necessary.


                                                                Start 07h00


                                                                Road Race on Saturday 20 Aug is the Easterns 15km.



SATURDAY 27 AUG 2011:              Hi-Tech Puffer Day so we will do a run in Cape Point National Park after finishing up at our Support Station (gates of the Reserve……so early) for the Hi-Tech Puffer.


                                                                Road Race: Saturday 27 Aug - Atlantis 15km




SATURDAY 3 SEPT 2011:                Leg 3 of Table Mountain Challenge starting from Valley Road(ish), Hout Bay to Kloof Nek via Hout Bay Corner / Llandudno Ravine / Grootkop / Kasteelspoort / Pipe Track.


                                                                Start 07h00


                                                                Road Race: Sunday 4 September – The Camel Run



SATURDAY 10 SEPT 2011:              Something gentle as a taper for the TMC.


                                                                Road Race: Saturday 10 Sept – Medihelp  Tekkie Challenge 10km in Kuils River

                                                                Road Race: Sunday 11 Sept – Khayelitsha 21km & 10km.



SATURDAY 17 SEPT 2011:              THE TABLE MOUNTAIN CHALLENGE – so no acsis VOB Run.


                                                                Road Race:  Saturday 17 Sept - Beachcomber Race Against Crime 15km – Strandfontein

                                                                Road Race: Sunday 18 Sept – ARD 3 Vleis 10km – Grassy Park



Email on Other Great Runs and Events will come out tomorrow.


Have a great week Everyone.





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Thursday, July 14, 2011


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Hi All


The Friday wrap-up is early this as I’m off on a conference for the whole day tomorrow to discuss the fit and proper requirements of financial advisers and the technicalities relating to the upcoming Financial Advisors and Intermediary Services examinations………………… okay, I’m not……………I’ll be playing golf.  Nevertheless, I won’t be near a pc so you won’t be able to email me (and don’t expect me to answer the phone between 11am and 5pm as I’ll get a fine for talking on my phone while on the course……serious offence).




But the acsis VOB runs for this Saturday 16 July 2011 are ON:


1.       Dog-Friendly Trail Run Group – 07h15 for 07h30 start, Newlands Forestry Station car park on Union Avenue.  I hope I will have at least some company but I have been advised that most people with either be doing the big MATES training run for Hout Bay Trail Challenge or the Bastille Day Trail Race in Franschhoek.  There is also a rumour about an Anti-Dog-ite Group doing a rebel run in another forest.  So I am not exactly expecting to be swamped with runners tomorrow.  But I have also been advised that Fay has not quite departed on holiday yet so she and Anita will be doing a walk in Newlands Forest with us.  So for those who have always wanted to run with your dogs, this is your chance.  See details on http://vobtrail.blogspot.com/ .


Be warned that I am currently trying to shake off a cold so I may be a little (very) sluggish………….no comments from the comedians please.


2.       Walk / Run Trail Group – will be running in the Cape Point Nature Reserve, starting from the Olifantsbos  car park at 07h30.  About 11km in about 2 hours.  See details on http://vobtrailwrg.blogspot.com/ .





You’re on your own here for this week.  But I hear it’s going to be a beautiful day.





I am not responsible for any spelling, punctuation or grammar below – my Spellcheck took one look at the details below and closed down (Tim):


Saturday 16 July 2011: We will be doing the route of the Houtbay Trail Challenge (except for the private property bits) in the entirety as a training run. We feel that it is important that we do as many routes of races in advance in order for a fair number of participants to be confident where they are meant to be going - it is our duty to the sport.


Where: In front of the Houtbay Yacht Club, inside Houtbay Harbour. As you drive down Victoria Drive from the Campsbay side, keep heading down until you get to the circle near the harbour. Continue along this road, and about 200 meters past Mariners Wharf, turn left into the harbour, and park in the large open parking area just past the gate.

When: In time to start running at 07H00.

Who: People who are fit enough to do the entire route in 8 hours. We will be forming informal groups, with knowledgeable runners throughout the field who will run at various speeds. We will be aiming for everybody to finish in 8 hours. If you can't hang in with our sweeps, make sure you bring a map. And the phone number of your favourite helicopter pilot.

What: Water to drink, wind / waterproof kit. Snax, and maybe a sarmy or two to eat. Something to replace your energy, you know? Bucks for something from the pub afterwards. Your sense of humour. Wild Card. A Pick and Pay packet to keep it all in.

Duration: 8 Hours or less. Some faster runners will of course finish earlier. It's a mathematical thing - a faster runner running the same distance as a slower runner will finish sooner. Some slower runners will still be up there long after you have left to go home. Blame Newton. Or Euler-Lagrange if you are the sort to use stuff in arguments that nobody else knows about and doesn't reallly apply.

Route: In brief: From the Harbour up Karbonkelberg to the radar station, then around Suther Peak and down to the sand dunes above Sandy Bay. Down to Suikerbossie Road, and up the t*r to Suikerbossie Restaurant. Up Llandudno Ravine, past Judas Peak, Grootkop. Yudda yudda, is anybody still reading this? Along the 12 Apostles Path, right turn onto Railway Track. I know nobody is reading this, but I will persist. Across the dam wall, down the concrete road and onto Bridle Path. Or stay on the concrete road if you are thus inclined. Constantia Nek. The tap at the restaurant has a huge lock on it. Oh no. Up Vlakkenberg (plenty water here), down the other side and straight up to the Constantiaberg t*r road. Right wheel, head down past the Manganese Mines. Still awake? OK, down to the fort, down Chappies t*r road, along the beach to the same place where we started. Repair to the pub for a scoff and a beer. Or two. Did you really read all of this? I am impressed!

Distance: 35 kilometers that are not to be trifled with. But it is a lovely route.

Seconding: There will be no seconding. Please be self sufficient.


Sunday 17 July 2011: Some people have asked us to do the Blackhill - Redhill section of the Puffer again - so this is it.


Where: Meet near the top of Blackhill, at the Puffer checkpoint. As you come down Oh Kaapse Weg from the Tokai side and enter into Fish Hoek, continue past all the Pick and Pay's on the right and through two sets of Traffic Lights. Continue straight up the Glencairn Expressway along the piece that is known as Blackhill. During a sweeping lefthand turn, near the top, there is a crappy parking on the right which is all bumpy and uncared for. Note the TMNP standard gate. If you are in a beautifully gravelled and levelled parking area, you have gone 200 meters too far.

When: In time to start running at 07H30.

What: Wind / waterproof kit, snax, water to drink on the run, ICE cold beer for afterwards.Wild Card.

Route: The Puffer route in reverse, out past Gayes Dam, past the Biting Dog to Redhill road and U-turn at Just Nuisance turnoff. Then all the way back in the correct Pufferlike direction, and then when we reach the parking lot we will continue for the short single trail section that runs paralel to the t*r road which actually forms part of the Puffer route.

Duration: About 2 hours or so.

Who: Puffer runners and interested parties who can at least crack a 2H20 half marathon.


Contact Douglas Rossouw on 082 418 5945





1.       GROOTVADERSBOSCH Trail Run 23 / 24 July 2011 – http://www.targetevents.co.za/grootvadersbosch-mountain-trail-run-2   John Gilchrist is unable to participate due to injury and has very generously offered to donate his entry to an interested party.  If you would like the entry, please contact John on jgilchrist@mweb.co.za .  Fastest finger first.

2.       TABLE MOUNTAIN CHALLENGE – I have had one person advise me that they cannot use their entry.  I am not sure if substitutions are allowed. Larry, is this still available ?



Whatever you’re up to have a great weekend.  And if you’re driving down the M5 passed Royal Cape Golf Course tomorrow and get hit by a stray golf ball………….it wasn’t me.






Tim Bellairs

Tel:     + 27 (0)21 416-6792

Fax:    + 27 (0)21 416-8792

Cell:     082 321-0299


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Monday, July 11, 2011


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Good afternoon Everyone


As I have nothing to report back on, other than a rather painful personal effort at Knysna I will focus on my “group leader appeal” below. Very dry fare but important.  


That Knysna weekend is always special and huge fun but I must say that I am starting to feel like part of the zimmer-frame brigade there.  Nevertheless, one of the best aspects of the Knysna weekend is catching up with people you don’t see too often.  I bumped into several ex-CT trail runners who I haven’t seen in ages and it was wonderful seeing them again at the finish despite the fact that I could hardly stand, let alone talk.  This whole road-running thing is tougher than I remember (I had forgotten what the Simola downhill can do to your legs).  I won’t embarrass the Jo’burg refugees by naming them as it would be wonderful to have you back running with us in time.  But it was great to see you all.





The Problem


It has become apparent that our Saturday group is reaching a stage where a step-up in organisation is needed as the group has become reasonably large (29).  If it wasn’t for the great regrouping skills of our MATES comrades at the front of the run, these runs would stand the risk falling apart if the group gets too spread out too much.  It’s not fair to expect them to do it all the time and it’s also not great for the faster runners to have to regroup all the time, sometimes for long, chilly periods, so that the slower runners catch up.


The Solution


We envisage, in the near future (NOT IMMEDIATELY), splitting the group into two from the start: a Medium / Fast (for those who want to go out there and give it horns) and a Medium / Slow for those looking for a medium paced run but who don’t mind waiting for the slower runners to catch up from time to time (it’s a great excuse for a rest).


What is Required


Volunteer Group Leaders.  Please note that this appeal  is aimed primarily at acsis VOB Members mainly because the runs are organised under the VOB banner and it would feel a bit cheeky asking others to step up to the plate.  Having said this we are very grateful for the involvement of so many people so far who have not been VOB members and have yet always been prepared to help out, week after week.  Without these people the runs would never have reached the levels that they are currently at.  I certainly hope we won’t be losing this help and I would be more than happy to have you on the roster if you are willing.


We are asking for volunteers to lead groups on a roster type basis i.e. we certainly don’t expect people to do it every week.  I will remain organising and leading groups so it would mean that most weeks we would just need one additional leader.  Sometimes two if there is a large demand for a short route.  Obviously some knowledge of trail running and routes is necessary but we will always meet before a run to discuss the route and requirements for the day in some depth.  You don’t have to be a seasoned veteran to do this though.


If you are keen to help out or have questions about it, please drop me an email on timbe@boe.co.za or tim.bellairs@gmail.com and we can discuss easing you into it as you feel comfortable.





Bronwyn will be leading a medium-paced run from Kloof Nek car park at 17h15 on Wednesday.  In all likelihood I will sit this one out as I have picked up  the sniffles in Knysna (no it’s not a prolonged hangover).  You know guys when they have a cold……….the man-flu…………..I am no exception……..wallowing in self-pity.  So please RSVP to Bronwyn on bpithey@npa.gov.za or 0847027305.





Please note that this is somewhat of an experimental concept for us so please read carefully.




07h15 for 07h30 start from the parking area at the Newlands Forestry Station / VWS Offices and Helipad.  http://tinyurl.com/36u8czl





10km Short Route:          Largely based on the Celtics Plumpudding Hill circuit (anti-clockwise i.e. lower road first).  Largely jeep track.


15 – 20km Long Route:  Loosely based on the Two Oceans Trail Race with different options available which will be firmed up before the start.


Walk Run Group:              Will definitely be operating but their route is yet to be advised.






Short Route:                      Approximately 90 minutes


Long Route:                        Approximately 3 -3.5 hours (including breaks)


Walk / Run Group:           TBA





Short Route:                      Easy to Moderate.


Long Route:                        Reasonably Tough.



EXTREMELY IMPORTANT NOTES SPECIFICALLY RE THE DOGS (so that we can manage expectations from the start)


1.       This is not a Saturday morning “knees-up-mother-Brown”.  This is still a trail run and walk/run.  Do not be lulled into a false sense of fitness (for you or your dog).

2.       This run is experimental from an organisational point of view, not a dog point of view, so you need to note that dogs that attend this run need to be obedience-trained or at least reasonably well behaved and obedient.  If your dog is badly behaved, don’t be surprised when other dog-owners (normally straight-talkers) “set you right” on the topic.

3.       The dogs must be socialised and mingle well with other dogs.  Please don’t bring dogs that regularly eat other dogs or runners.

4.       The dogs need to be fit enough for this undertaking and used to this type of terrain.  Especially on the long route.  Please don’t bring your dog on the off-chance that it meets these requirements.

5.       Please bring a lead for each dog in case things get out of hand.

6.       You will be expected to clean up after your dog so bring that dreaded plastic bag / glove / whatever………yuck (no I don’t have a dog, but I spent a childhood doing this job at home because my brother is a remarkable task delegator).

7.       Please ensure your dog has regular breaks to drink water on the run.  There should be plenty on the mountain but be prepared to share yours with your pooch if necessary.

8.       Keep a close eye on your dog at all times; this is the area where Steele the border collie went missing.

9.       It is not compulsory to bring a dog.  You can just come and run if you want to but you must be prepared to run with dogs around.





1.       Please dress according to the expected weather conditions.  If you have just joined us, this usually means at least a waterproof/windproof top and something to keep your head warm.

2.       Bring snacks and drinks to sustain you through the run + a bit more.

3.       Carrying that whistle can also assist in alarming muggers in this area. 

4.       Be aware that this is prime mugger territory so please stay in groups and be very aware of what is happening around you.

5.       Sign the register before starting (your name PLUS your dog’s name/s in case you get separated)

6.       Bring a warm change of clothes for afterwards.

7.       Although Mike and Douglas will be off on their own run in Hout Bay on Saturday (see details tomorrow), you are welcome to bring the customary ICE COLD beers for afterwards.




That’s it for now.  Email on OTHER GREAT RUNS, including  the two MATES weekend runs on Saturday and Sunday and the CRAG Wednesday run will follow tomorrow.


Have a great week Everyone.





Tim Bellairs

Tel:     + 27 (0)21 416-6792

Fax:    + 27 (0)21 416-8792

Cell:     082 321-0299



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Monday, July 4, 2011


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Good morning Everyone


If it wasn’t for the fact that we’d had a trail run on Saturday I would swear that I fell asleep on Friday night and when I woke up it was Monday morning.  But we DID have a trail run and you can see how it went below in the report back.





This run will be on but please RSVP to me if you plan on attending so we know who to expect.




Please note that this is the WALK / RUN Group only.  Those looking to do a full run option are encouraged to attend the MATES Run (Saturday AND Sunday options) instead.  Details will be circulated tomorrow.


Still being decided.  Keep an eye on our blogsite (http://vobtrailwrg.blogspot.com/ ) for news.  Drop Peter Rogers an email on pelorus@telkomsa.net if you want to receive his Walk / Run email.

RV & Start Time

Constantia Nek parking area opposite the restaurant ready to start at 0730.

Distance & Estimated Time

About 12ks of mostly runnable undulating track and reasonable hills.


Have learnt that Sandy, co-founder of the Trail Walk/Run group is struggling with an Achilles tendon problem and has been booked off running for a further month.  We wish her a speedy recovery.





Waking at 06h30 I don’t think anyone felt excited by the rain clattering down on the roof.  And yet there was still a great turnout – well under 30 though.  It also appears that the Scots are not as tough as we thought.  But they are tougher than a certain rugby team (now I feel sick all over again……).


Well our warm up section of the run felt like a sprint and yet it was exhilarating to be running with some ease at a reasonable speed – short lived as it was.  By the time we reached the Amphitheatre the front runners had already had breakfast, a cup of coffee and read the newspaper before I got there.  Thank you to the faster runners for your patience.  Don’t worry, I am working on a cunning plan to start splitting it into at least two pace groups so that the faster runners don’t have to regroup as often.


The descent of Spes Bona Valley proved to be the biggest challenge of the day.  I heard a number of people screeching “whooops” (repeatedly) as they slipped their way down the valley on the boardwalk but only once did I hear it being followed by a resounding thump (admittedly it WAS heard for a second time later in the day…….. but in Newlands).  Fortunately for the victim I didn’t see who it was so they have used up one of their Sailing Sandra anonymity lives.  There also seems to be a “code of silence” now surrounding falls.  I am looking at ways of cracking this code.  At the bottom of the valley, Nicholas, true to form I believe, got his Weary Willy’s Wait mixed up with his Nellie’s Pool and led a highly unamused group right and down instead of left and up.  This was despite the massive directional arrows etched in the sand (so deeply that I nearly fell into one) by the faster group.  That just goes to show that no-one reads the route description (nag nag nag).  But that was soon put right as the grumpy faces started trudging back up the hill passed me.


The next “incident” followed almost immediately.  Margaret stopped to make some adjustments and put her glasses away and the next thing she knew we were all gone.  In fact we were SO all gone that she didn’t even make the regroup at Nellie’s Pool.  It was only when we were climbing the steps of Farmer Pecks Valley that I got the SMS “Abandoned by All.  Taken the short cut home”, or something to that effect.  I felt TERRIBLE.  So bad, in fact, that I abandoned my planned short cut and gunned it up Muizenberg Peak so that I could survey the area to see if I could spot her.  From my perch I saw two women at the top of the valley and went bounding down waving and calling as I went.  They looked puzzled and then were even more confused when I arrived and said “Oh, you’re not Margaret!”, turned around and ran away.  Actually I think they were more relieved than confused.


So with head hanging low I completed the assigned course, stopping briefly for some sympathy from Katya and Paul (who were going in the other direction).  Turns out that Nicholas was not the only one who made a little navigational error.  It appears that Douglas got his left and right mixed up on the descent of Muizenberg Peak.  As Boyes Drive started heaving into view he realised his mistake.  There is no sympathy here as those faster runners needed some of the energy drained out of them.


The Awards


Sailing Sandra – no award (someone is very lucky).


Missing Margaret – a four way award this week.  Nicholas for his shocker at the bottom of Spes Bona; Douglas for his moment of shame at Muizenberg Peak; myself for ditching poor Margaret and causing her to go missing and finally Sandra for not showing up at all after her “See you tomorrow” email on Friday.  For those who are concerned, I called Margaret afterwards and she was safe and in good humour.




Details of OTHER RUNS for this week and UPCOMING EVENTS will follow tomorrow (Tuesday 5 July 2011) and will include full details of the two MATES Runs this coming weekend.



That’s all for now.  Have a great week Everyone.





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