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Good morning All
From all of us here at acsis VOB Running Club, best of luck to all those who are running in Two Oceans events this weekend.  For those running or marshalling the 20km Trail Race on Friday.......see you there.
For those who are celebrating Easter and Pesach, have a wonderful, peaceful and spirit-warming long weekend.
Administrative Issues
From tomorrow morning (Thursday 21 April 2011) I will be out of touch for a while as I take off on some ill-deserved leave and head out into the wilds from Saturday.  I will only be back in email contact properly on Tuesday 3 May 2011.
I presume that with next Wednesday, 27 April 2011, being a public holiday, there will be no Wednesday Informal Trail Run from Kloof Nek.
The schedule for May and June 2011
Below is the Preliminary Schedule of acsis VOB Trail Runs for May and June 2011.  We will try and stick to these as closely as possible but circumstances may arise which force us to alter it.  Under those circumstances we will give plenty of notice.
For all routes below there will be a shorter run route option (+- 10km) unless we announce otherwise closer to the time.
The Walk / Run Trail Group and Brisk Walk Trail Group will follow this schedule too unless announce otherwise closer to the time.
Saturday 7 May 2011
Tokai Forest Ramble from the Arboretum.
15 - 20 km starting at 07h00.
Other Events on this weekend:
Trail Event: Pronutro African X from Friday 6 May to Sunday 8 May 2011
Road race: Cadiz Milkwood 1/2 Marathon on Sunday 8 May 2011.
Saturday 14 May 2011
Hout Bay Harbour / around Sentinel (low tide is at 06h51) / Karbonkelberg / Suther Peak / Hout Bay Sand Dunes
Start: 07h15 from Hout Bay Harbour
Other Events on this weekend:
Trail Event: Asics Extreme 10/17 (Montagu) on Saturday 14 May 2011 .
Road race: Brackenfell Pick n Pay Family Store 1/2 Marathon on Saturday 14 May 2011
Saturday 21 May 2011
Kloof Nek to Kings Blockhouse and back via Newlands Ravine.
Start 07h15 from Kloof Nek car park.
Other Events on this weekend:
Trail Event: Helderberg Mountain Challenge on Sunday 22 May 2011
Road Race: Darling 1/2 Marathon on Saturday 21 May 2011
Saturday 28 May 2011
Fish Hoek Sailing Club to Nellies Pool via Weary Willys Wait, Upper Steenberg Peak, Silvermine Dam Wall and back to Fish Hoek along Old Fishermans Trail Challenge Route.
Start: 07h15 from Fish Hoek Beach car park.
Other Events on this weekend:
Road Race: Comrades on Sunday 29 May 2011
Saturday 4 June 2011
Constantia Nek / Hoerikwaggo Cottage (Bailiff's Cottage) / Puffer Path to Maclears Beacon / back down to start of Echo Valley / over to Hely-Hutchinson Dam via Museum / Puffer Path to Bailiff's Cottage / descend to Constantia Nek via De Villiers Dam, Spes Bona and Eagles Nest.
Start: 07h30 at Constantia Nek
Other Events on this weekend:
Road Races: UWC 10km Fast & Flat on Saturday 4 June 2011, and
                    New Balance Table Mountain 16km on Sunday 5 June 2011 (acsis VOB Event)
Saturday 11 June 2011
TBA.  Looking for Volunteer Leader as TB is running OFTC.
Other Events on this weekend:
Trail Events: Old Fishermans Trail Challenge on Saturday 11 June 2011
Road Race: Itheko 21km on Sunday 12 June 2011(Green Point - Lion of Africa).
Saturday 18 June 2011
Leg 2 of Hout Bay Trail Challenge from Ruyteplaats to Constantia Nek via Hout Bay Corner / Llandudno Ravine / Grootkop / Dams / Constantia.
Start 07h30 at gates of Ruyteplaats (Suikerbossie)
Car admin needed as Finish in different location to Start.
Other Events on this weekend:
Trail Event: Greyton Classic on Saturday 18 June 2011 , and
                 VWS Challenge on Sunday 19 June 2011
Road Race: Mamre 15km on Saturday 18 June 2011
Saturday 25 June 2011
Constantia Nek over Vlakkenberg Nek / Manganese Mines / Blackburn Ravine / Silvermine / Puffer Traverse to Vlakkenberg (above Tokai Forest) and back to Constantia Nek
Start: 07h30
Other Events on this weekend:
Road Race: Eerste River 15km on Saturday 25 June 2011
That's all for now.  Have a wonderful long weekend Everyone.
Tim Bellairs
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Monday, April 18, 2011


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Good afternoon All
I trust you all had peaceful, restful weekends and many of you will be doing some serious resting now before Two Oceans Trail / Half / Ultra.  No point cramming training in now.  Relax and enjoy this rare period of inactivity.  The calm before the storm (hopefully not a weather forecast).
Please would you RSVP so I can get an idea of how many takers we have.  I will not be running as it is a little too close to  the long Two Oceans Trail on Friday but I am happy to be there to fire the starting gun and also wish Lady Rugga happy birthday.  So I am looking for a volunteer to lead this run.  I will circulate a confirmation tomorrow, but only to those who RSVP.
There will be no acsis VOB Organised Trail Run / Run/Walk or Brisk Walk this weekend because of Two Oceans and Easter.
From Sunday 24 April to Thursday 28 April 2011 I will be charging around Kruger National Park with some friends (also known as lion-bait), a backpack and a tent.  I will have no cell phone reception and no email.  Consequently, I will be unable to send out any email before the run on 30 April 2011 (below) so for those of you who are keen, just accept that it is ON and just be there.  Don't make me run alone.
Start Time and Place
07h00 sharp from the Hout Bay Beach car park (on the Chapmans Peak Hotel side of the beach).
For the observant amongst you, you will notice that I have reversed the direction of this run from the summary I sent out last month.  The reason is that the Old Fishermans Trail Challenge is not all that far off now and so I felt it might not be a bad idea to give runners a taste of what they can expect on the OFTC Down Run.
So the route from the beach will be 1km of road up Chapmans Peak Drive, left at East Fort and then straight up Blackburn Ravine to the lookout deck at the top.  Then its the Stone Highway to the ring road / jeep track in Silvermine.  Left onto the jeep track and right onto the Crassula Ridge Path.  Follow it to where there is an option to turn right back onto the jeep track on the southern side of Noordhoek Peak.  Up the jeep track a little bit and then take the path left that drops down to the saddle at the base of Chapmans Peak.  Back to Blackburn Ravine along the scenic contour path and then down to East Fort and back to the cars.
There will be an easy(ish) Short Route as well, which will be an out and back along that scenic contour path (with an option of doing the return leg on the road).
Long Route:    About 15km
Short Route:   About 10km
Walk / Run Group: To be confirmed.  Those thinking of attending this option, please send your details to Gaeleen Tompkins and Sandra Ackland if they don't have them already, so that they can include you in their emails in my absence.  Peter Rogers will be away too.
Running Time
Long Route:    3 hours
Short Route:   90 minutes
Long Route:    Tough
Short Route:    Moderate
Important Points
  1. Please make sure you are dressed appropriately for the weather conditions.  Things can get ugly very quickly on this part of the mountain.  Take care to be prepared for cold turns in the weather, even if it pleasant when we start out.
  2. Please carry sufficient water and snacks for the entire route plus more.
  3. Be aware that mountains are snake territory.  Don't be paranoid but be aware.
  4. Fill out the attendance register before starting.
  5. Have fun.  It's not a race.
Last Saturday saw our first run in really cool, windy conditions.  Several people discovered very quickly why we make such a fuss of being properly attired for these runs.  It becomes progressively more important to observe the requirement about carrying warm, windproof and waterproof items of clothing as we get into proper winter weather.
For those of you who are new to the sport, I must reiterate, at the risk of boring the experienced runners, that these extra items of clothing are not really for keeping you warm while you run.  They are essentially for when you are forced to stop running midway through a run.  This is often for regrouping (at best), but mainly for when you lose your way in bad weather or because of debilitating injury.  Under these circumstances it is essential to keep warm until you can be assisted.  Please take this warning seriously. 
I would also really like to encourage people to carry a whistle.  I'm talking about a SERIOUS whistle like rugby / soccer refs use, not one of these little things that only dogs can hear.  Let's face it, the only dogs legitimately with us are with the Brisk Walking Group and there is a limit to the size of whisky barrel that Murphy can carry to incapacitated runners.  On Saturday we had a few perfect examples of how quickly people can disappear into the cloud around you leaving those left behind feeling a bit panicky.  Literally within 100m you can feel like you are completely alone.  It was equally evident as to how difficult it is to shout for assistance over a howling south-easter.  In such circumstances, a whistle is invaluable.  Don't be shy.......blow it like hell......and keep blowing until help arrives.
No Sailing Sandras, thankfully.  More correctly, none that I am aware of.  I suspect that there may be a conspiracy afoot in order to keep this juicy info from me.  There will be "a reckoning" if this is true.
There has been a long debate over the weekend between the various personae in my head with regard to the Missing Margaret Award.  After leaving the Amphitheatre, the faster runners plunged happily down the Spes Bona valley while the others who had listened carefully, turned left instead and continued over the windy peaks and down to Nellie's Pool.  The faster group had to be retrieved verbally accompanied by an evil grin as I started preparing the Award presentation.  HOWEVER!  To cut a very long story short, those who erred have been granted immunity as I am painfully aware that my long-winded route instructions are not as clear as I think.  Also, going down Spes Bona is actually a GREAT idea (just not for the Multi Peak Fiesta) and we will certainly be doing it soon.  So no Missing Margarets either.
8 MAY 2011 - CADIZ MILKWOOD 1/2 MARATHON + other distances.  Full details on the blog ( - see blog post from Monday 11 April.
14 May 2011 - Montagu Mountain Mania brings you the X-Treme 10/17km Mountain Runs from Avalon Springs.  I have a copy of the Race Flyer and the Entry Form but these are 1MB each so I am not attaching them automatically.  If anyone would like them, please email me and I will send them through to you.  This is great event and several mountain biking races (Montagu M3 MTB Classic) are held over the same weekend which makes it a fantastic weekend.  The organisers have advised that full details can also be accessed on their website: .
Now here is a great event with a difference.  Extremely well organised too.  Definitely worth supporting.  So treat yourself to this one. 
See as well as the attached race flyer for all of the details.
That's all for now.
Have a great week.
Tim Bellairs
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Monday, April 11, 2011


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Good morning Everyone
I can bring this to the front again just for today because I have very little to say.  First time ever.
I know this is not really the right forum to talk about a road race (which is what I was doing over the weekend) as I know you are all strictly trail runners and are fundamentally opposed to wearing club colours and running on tar but seriously, for those who can make that leap across the yawning (in more ways than one)psychological chasm, there are a few road races in the greater Western Cape where you can run a trail-type route on a road.  Yes, it hurts like hell and I am sure my aching legs will be crippled for life but the Outeniqua half marathon, along the back roads between George and Wilderness, is one of those spectacular races.  It is an absolutely stunning route through indigenous forest and is a net downhill run with a few bumps to climb (and use trail language) along the way.  In my opinion it is a far prettier route than Knysna but if you want a party vibe, you'll have to take it along with you (unlike Knysna).  But a party can certainly be had.  Our Chairman, amongst others, was seen hustling local pool players in a Sedgefield bar at 3am on Sunday.  Other Cape Town running clubs were very scarce but I can proudly say that acsis VOB was there en mass and we probably made up half of the half marathon field.  I think I saw one Celtics runner and one MATES runner (Nicholas) at the race itself.  This is a race well worth supporting.  You won't be sorry.
Outeniqua takes you through forests but there is another equally deserving half marathon closer to home which takes you along the coast which will suit all but the most ardent trail runner.  See details of the upcoming Milkwood Half Marathon below.
This run will be happening.  17h19 sharp from the Kloof Nek car park next to the SANParks / TMNP kiosk.  Please RSVP to me if you intend running so that we know who to look out for.
Start Time and Place
07h15 sharp from the car park inside Gate 2 (i.e. on the Muizenberg side of Ou Kaapseweg) otherwise known as the R5 gate (being the entry charge).  If you still don't know where this is then drop me an email.
The Route
Don't be put off by the name.  Its not that tough a run.  The peaks are not that high and there are only one or two nasty little climbs to negotiate.  My preference is to do this route in an anti-clockwise direction (nice long, gentle downhill to warm up on) but we can toss a coin on the morning.  We will cover all of the main peaks in the area in a circular route from Cave Peak to Upper Steenberg Peak.  Lots of very runnable stuff between each peak.
Probably only around 15km.  Anyone wanting to do something shorter with be pointed in the appropriate direction at the appropriate time with simple directions to the car park.
Those training for African X can carry on and do a loop on the other side of Silvermine.
The Walk/Run Group will be doing about 10km in +- 2 hours.
The Brisk Walk Group will do 8 - 10km.
2 to 2.5 hours.
Easy to Moderate
Important Points
  1. Please watch the weather forecast on Friday and come appropriately kitted out.
  2. Please carry sufficient water so that you don't have to scrounge or collapse from dehydration.
  3. I would still keep an eye out for snakes on the paths.
  4. Bring R5 for gate fees plus a car guarding tip if you are feeling generous.
  5. Please fill out the attendance register.  Remember that you only go into the trail shoe lucky draw if you fill out the register (legibly) and complete half of the runs per two month period.
  6. Have fun.  It's not a race.
1.    Mast Challenge - Saturday 16 April 2011
Don't forget (particularly if you're running it) that this is happening this Saturday too.  Tokai Forest, up to the Constantiaberg Mast and back.  Hard core stuff, which is why I am running in Silvermine instead.  Check out .
2.    The Cadiz Milkwood Half Marathon - 8 May 2011
Last year (I think) they had a storm the night before which resulted in me snuggling deeper into the duvet when when the alarm went off.  This year I am determined to get there.  It is also put together by Harfield Harriers who are very active in the trail running scene.  Let's get out there and support it.  Run on the gravel next to the road if you hate tar.

Our little adventure for the year, now in  its 8th edition, The Milkwood has proudly become the Cadiz Milkwood due to a generous sponsorship from Cadiz Holdings.  

The Cadiz Milkwood is a special compendium of road races staged in a rugged and environmentally sensitive coastal national park called Soetwater.  Austere and wild in extreme weather, Soetwater is also amazingly tranquil in the mid seasons and teeming with life all year round.  The Milkwood tree and Slangkop lighthouse feature dominantly both in race literature and whilst out on the course and we are blessed to be able to crew such a special event.

The Cadiz Milkwood also leads the way for races for its strict anti litter rules and awareness of the environment in all activities.  Finishers are presented with young indigenous saplings instead of metallic medals, a move which surprises and brings smiles to all.  Waste is recycled and runners are directed not to park on sensitive vegetation.  

Soetwater provides a pristine setting for a carnival atmosphere and the Cadiz Milkwood prize giving is becoming known far and wide as something special.  There is food and drink on sale throughout the event and a tidal pool for the very brave who dare the chilly Atlantic post race!

Race Day for 2011 is 8th May.  Bring the family down for a fun day in the park!

Race Details follow:

21,1km half marathon

Start time: 07h30

R50 for licensed runners

Unlicensed runners will have to purchase a temp licence (2011 prices unconfirmed at this stage)

10km Race 

Start time: 07h45

R30 for licensed  runners

5km Fun Run

Start time:  08h00

R20 no licence required!

Entries will be available on OR entries will be available AT the start from 05h30


Graeme Trautmann - Race Director

Tel:  079 516 5801 (no SMS enquiries)

That's it for now.  Have a great week Everyone.



Tim Bellairs

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


We are anticipating the imminent renewal of our New Balance Trail Shoe Lucky Draw for Saturday Runs.  Any person who participates a minimum of 50% of all of the acsis VOB-organised Trail Runs, Trail Walk/Runs or Trail Walks over a two month period will qualify for the lucky draw for a free pair of New Balance Trail shoes.
  1. You have to complete the register on the morning of the run in order to have your name count towards the lucky draw.
  2. Only the acsis VOB-organised Trail Runs, Trail Walk/Runs and Trail Walks count towards qualification; no nominee events like last time.
  3. Participation in ANYof the acsis VOB-organised groups qualifies you for participation.
  4. You don't need to be a member of acsis VOB Running Club or, for that matter, ANY running club to qualify, but of course if you are interested
  5. The lucky draw will take place on the morning of the first Saturday following the termination of the two month period.
  6. The first two month period will run from 1 April 2011 to 31 May 2011 and then the second one from 1 June etc (i.e. not a rolling two month period).
  7. Whilst we are waiting for final confirmation from New Balance that the lucky draw has been re-instated, we are pretty confident that it will happen.  If it falls through then all of the above lapses.
  8. Finally, of course, we really encourage you to support New Balance when you are out stocking up on your trail running shoes and gear as well as sport apparel in general.  New Balance are a very generous sponsor of acsis VOB and also pour a lot of sponsorship and support in to sport generally.
So please fill out the register.  No tears later.  I will keep a box of tissues in my car for those who forget, because there will be no mercy shown.

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Monday, April 4, 2011


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Good morning Everyone
There will be no official acsis VOB-organised trail RUNNING GROUP this coming weekend BUT there WILL be a WALK / RUN TRAIL GROUP, details as follows:

From the parking area next to the entrance gate a warm-up run along the river walk then a right up the gravel track across the tarred road into the mountain bikers parking area. From there up onto and along Steenberg Ridge across the valley and up to the Elephant’s Eye lookout hut. Then along the sandy track to intersect with the path from the head of Blackburn, left and down the escarpment around the head of the dam to the swimming spot and return to the start via the cycle track along the western flank of the valley.  

RV & Start Time

In the Silvermine Reserve on your right as you come up Ou Kaapse Weg from the Constantia Valley side then the parking area on your left immediately after passing the entrance hut.  Note the gates only open at 07h00 so be ready to start by 07h15

Distance & Estimated Time

About 10ks of not unreasonably arduous running along bush tracks and rough gravel paths.  However the sights of the peninsula from Steenberg Ridge make it all worthwhile.  If it’s a warm day a quick swim in the dam is also a possibility.  Estimated time +/- 2hrs

Queries for this week's run

(Peter Rogers) am in Johannesburg this week and running the Outeniqua half marathon this coming weekend so Neil and Gaeleen will be coordinating and leading the run so any queries to Neil/Felicity at or Gaeleen at .

I strongly encourage all of the runners to participate in the MATES run on Saturday, rather than going along to the Walk / Run Group and trying to push their pace (and make Gaeleen grumpy.  She'll tune you !)
Details of MATES Run:
On sat 9th from Houtbay harbour at 06.45 +-3hrs.
Going up to radar station to suther peak and back, sorry a bit of taaaar in cluded.
Come and enjoy fast or slow everyone welcome you dont have to be a Mate.
Please not to many questions just be there. ICE cold beers for after.
Check the weather out and dress accordingly
CEO Mike
Report Back & Awards
I would love to be able to report back on last weekend's run but this would be difficult since I was so far behind everyone that all observations now are hearsay only.  So from a general "poking-of-fun" point of view you are all safe for this week.
Big thank you's to:
  • Bronwyn Pithey for leading the short route group and returning them all in one piece (although rumour has it there was a spectacular secret fall.........).
  • Jeff Shapiro (acsis VOB), Douglas Rossouw (MATES) and Mike Ohlsson (MATES), for leading and keeping the long route run all together as I ground to a standstill after the first hill.  In particular, Dougie's effort must be commended as he went out front to make sure Dain Hamilton didn't "get lost".  I have never seen Dougie go that colour before........a very interesting shade of purple.
Welcome back to the trail fold to Richard Thomason (who I think has been travelling, while ensuring an international beer supply), James Kantor (after a bout of near-terminal laziness) and Alison Chait (after frustrating injury).
The Hearsay Awards
Although Sandra tried her very best to reclaim the Sailing Sandra, she had some very tough competition from none other than Margaret Moller herself.  Mike O's description of Sandra's fall sounded very similar to something we used to do in the army......when you were running along and an instructor shouted "DEKKING!!!!".  Instantaneously and without second thought or question you slammed your body into the ground as hard as possible (to prevent having to do it a second time).  The difference being that we were 19 at the time and Sandra is 25 now.  The body gets a little more brittle in your mid-20's.  Also, we tended to select as soft a landing as possible, which is not an option when you are running along the boardwalk where there is only a choice between wood and, well, wood.  In her hard-@ss Scottish manner she bounced straight back up and carried on running as if nothing had happened.  Runners are at last learning not to ask if she's okay.  You can safely assume that if Sandra is conscious and moving, she's okay.
But a very rare double award goes to Margaret who by all accounts, disappeared from view so fast that she left her fellow runners gaping in astonishment as she appeared to have been vaporised.  They looked around as they carried on running and then ground to a halt in confusion.  The only apparently reasonable solution was alien abduction.  And then she reappeared almost as quickly, scrambling up the embankment she had fallen down, clutching at the shrubbery as she climbed and was also relatively unharmed.  Not only that but she came galloping passed me on the return trip, very close to the leaders.
This effort scoops Margaret not only the Sailing Sandra but also the Missing Margaret for going MIA with such stealthy skill and not screaming as she fell (people find the screaming very disturbing).
A certain prominent member of the Road and Trail Running Community is moving house and will no longer be able to house his beloved collection of Runners World magazines (from 2004 to present).  Is there anyone out there who could give a loving home to these magazines (I understand that this is a donation) ?  Seamus (being that prominent member) points out that whilst the articles may be old, the training tips contained therein remain largely relevant as the human body seems to have evolved very little since 2004.  Please let me know if you are interested.
SILVERMINE EAST - details to follow on Monday 11 April.
Have a great week Everyone.
Tim Bellairs
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