Monday, October 25, 2010


Good morning Everyone

Report Back

The two acsis VOB Events this last weekend both went off extremely well and the weather played along nicely for the main part.

The Whale Run long run, Walk / Run and Brisk Walk had a reasonably small yet enthusiastic turn out. I arrived at Dixies at 06h20 and only Katya was there so immediately started thinking of excuses why I couldn't run if it was just the two of us. Let's face it, I would have been able to keep with her for the first 100m before succumbing to lung failure. I hope she didn't see the horror on my face. But very soon the cars rolled in, just in time to witness me make an idiot of myself getting excited about the whale tail sticking up in the air in Glencairn Bay and taking lots of pictures. They allowed me to bob up and down, squeaking in excitement while they just smiled patiently and nodded. I couldn't understand why no-one was as excited as I was. Then I started getting concerned that the whale was not moving or coming up for air ............ before realising ..................that it was just a model...............! Nice one ! Thanks everyone, there will be payback.

The run then went off without a hitch and only a brief patch of drizzle at the top of Black Hill. The Sailing Sandra humiliations are really doing their job now. After flirting with disaster the previous week, we once again recorded an incident free run. However, this is one of the few runs where it would be reasonably pleasant to take fall as the chances are you would fall into soft, ankle deep sea sand. Bearing in mind how difficult it is to run through (even after a little rain) this would provide the perfect excuse to grab a quick "Jeff Shapiro" (trail slang for taking a little nap when out on a trail run).

So we all made it through safely and had a wonderful, thoroughly picturesque run. A big thank you to Roger Dickson for organising the cooldrink / water drop at the top of Black Hill and Red Hill. Such a treat for those who have got used to sucking lukewarm water out of a hydration pack (often tasting of Miltons). Thanks Roger.

Constantia Valley Grape Run also appeared to be a raging success; from my vantage point at the gates of Groot Constantia anyway. It was great to see so many familiar faces out there, looking so happy and fresh on the way out (3km mark) and then so exhausted but grimly determined and satisfied on the way back (17km mark). I'm afraid I get so excited when trying to scream and shout and marshal at the same time that forget names, call people the wrong names etc etc ........all part of getting older I suppose. Senile dementia runs in the family.

Well done to everyone who ran the race. We hope you had a great time and will be back again next year. Try the Constantia Village 15km in March too.


This coming weekend will be one of those few weekends where we don't organise a formal acsis VOB Trail Run. There are good reasons:

There are at least two events which support very worthy causes which will take place this Saturday and we really urge all runners to support these events if possible:

1. Foresters AC Isostar Tokai Forest 15km race. This is a race that supports the Victoria Hospital Children's Ward. Entry Fee is a donation of toys or cash. Please
give generously. Starts 06h30 in Tokai Forest. I am assuming that parking will be in the picnic area near the Manor House. Get there early as there is often traffic
congestion in the area prior to the start. This is a WPA event, so please remember to wear club colours and WPA number. If you don't belong to a club then you
can purchase a temporary licence.

2. There is also the TSiBA Eden – New Balance wine farm runs will be held next Saturday, 30 October, at Dornier Wines, Stellenbosch, at 8am.

3. Then of course, there are other activities which will be distracting run leaders this weekend. Jane Holdcroft will be doing a LONG run over the weekend as she
makes final preparations for the Sky Run. I will send out final detail of this on THURSDAY as on Friday morning, I will be off to Fancourt to ensure that our
struggling Corporate Cup Golf Team continues to struggle when we play in the finals over the weekend.


Please don't forget that Sonia Beard is looking for people to assist on the 3 Peaks challenge on Lions Head on 6 November 2010. If you can help, please either phone or SMS Sonia on 082 789 8806 or mail her: .

November acsis VOB Trail Run Schedule will be out next Monday at the latest and will probably be on the Facebook page before that: So check it out.

That's it for now.

Have a great week Everyone.


Tim Bellairs
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Special Notice

It may be that you are receiving this by email and if that is the case, I apologise. Even our Tech-Elite are unsure if updating the blog will trigger an email to the entire Googlemail Group. But hopefully this is one of my last technological humiliations.

Either way, after this post, I will know how to proceed in future. So thank you for bearing with me so far. The end is in sight.


SATURDAY 23 OCTOBER 2010 - acsis VOB ANNUAL WHALE RUN (all-comers welcome, not just acsis VOB members)

I know we promised a Cape Point run next weekend but we are postponing it because, firstly, with The Grape Run being the next day, the numbers will be seriously down, and secondly, because the date coincides with the club's Annual Whale Run (informal annual event). So we will hook up with the road runners for the 22km run, which has loads of trail on it.

Start Time and Place

Dixies Restaurant, Main Road, Glencairn. In time to start at 06h30 sharp.

The Route

The Long Route

Follow the road up the Glencairn Expressway to the top of Black Hill. There we turn left into the reserve and follow trail and jeep track over to the higher, bigger Dam(Ouplaas or Kleinplaas or something like that) on Red Hill. Nothing technical but the thick sand can be a challenge from time to time. We cross the Dam wall and follow the track to the tar road at the top of Red Hill where we turn left. We take a left turn again just after the view point at the top of Red Hill and take that back road down into Dido Valley (I think its called) and then take the road to the right that takes us down to the Main Road again about 1 km on the Simonstown side of Dixies. Trundle along back to Dixies and have a well deserved breakfast.

Shorter Option and Walking Option

Start at the top of Black Hill and either do an out and back to the Dams, or complete the run to Dixies and get a lift back to the cars. OR drop a car over on Red Hill and just do the run / walk from Black Hill to Red Hill. You will need to organise your own car drop though. Bear in mind that it is further to the Dams than you might think. We will firm up on the distances on Friday though.

The Walk/Run Group, however, will be doing a slightly different route around Simonstown. I will confirm it on Friday and it will also be available on their blog.


The full run is about 22km.

Running Time

Give yourself 3 hours to do this at a leisurely place and enjoy the views and the serenity of the area.


By trail standards this is a walk in the park. There are stretches of soft white sand on the trail section that will make you weep but its only really the distance that might test you if you are not accustomed to these distances.

Important Notes

Carry your own water and snacks if necessary.

Personal recommendation of doing this in road shoes or trail shoes that you find comfortable on road as there are some significant tar sections.

Keep an eye on the weather report and try and have a waterproof / windproof top with you. Even if its not raining, that southeaster can be bitingly cold on a bad day.

Piggy-back rides are not on offer this week so watch your footing.

Keep an eye out for snakes on the trail section particularly.

Fay also warns that this is tick-city, so check yourself thoroughly after the run.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


First of all, don't let the name scare you off. Its really not too bad (for anyone except the Long Route). The only really bad part is the starting time, necessitated by the fact that Silvermine only opens at 07h00.

Start Time and Place

The car park just inside the gate of the Silvermine West entrance, on the left. This also known as Gate 1. It is on the same side of Ou Kaapseweg as the Dam but do not go all the way up to the Dam car park.


All routes start by taking the River Walk Path up as far as the mountain bikers car park, through the car park and up onto Steenberg Ridge / The Crags path. Follow this up to the intersection with the Elephants Eye path just above the zig-zags in the concrete road. The Short Route, Walk / Run Group and Brisk Walk Group split off here and head back down to the Dam and follow the River Walk path back to the cars.

Long Route will continue onto the Elephants Eye Path and then will keep climbing up to the tar road near the summit of Constantiaberg. Turn left onto the tar road and follow it for a short way (about 100m) until you see the next single track off to the left. Take this to the top near the base of the mast and then drop steeply down towards the top of Blackburn Ravine. From there we take the Panorama Path to Noordhoek Peak and then make our way back down the jeep track and bits of single track to the cars.


Long Route: Probably not much more than 15 - 16km but tough going in places.

All Other Routes: About 9km

Running Time

Long Route: 3 hours

Short Route: 1.5 - 2 hours

Walk / Run: Just a little more than the Short Route runners.

Brisk Walk: 2.5 to 3 hours.


Long Route: Tough but don't worry, there is a dedicated Sweep who will do lots of walking.

All Other Routes: Moderate on the way out. Nice and easy on the way back.


As I mentioned on the acsis VOB Facebook page, I was very thankful we ran on Saturday and not Sunday; although Jane's asylum inmate group seemed to have a good time in the rain and cloud on Sunday, for over 7 hours.

The running groups on Saturday had a wonderful time, and for those who stopped occasionally (okay, often) and looked up we were treated to some stunning pre-frontal cloud formations coming in from the north-west. Gregg and I got some snaps that will be posted somewhere.......sometime.........soon. Apparently the long route front runners weren't too sure of the path on the way out but they would have been easy to find by the slightly less fast runners in an emergency, by simply following the scorched path left by them. But we all got back safely, as did the the Short Route Runners and the Liz / Liz Group.

The Walk/Run Group is proving VERY popular, as is evidenced by their increasingly large turnout. This may result in them having to split into two pace groups in due course. Well done to Peter, Sandra and now Gregg Snyders for really getting this group off the ground. Although I am told that not all of them stayed off the ground as they have now introduced their very own Sailing Sandra equivalent, in the form of the Jungle Jo Award. This has been named after, and I quote:"....the first nut to take a tumble and produce blood.....Well done Joseph".

The running groups have been very boring as for about three weeks now we have failed to produce a worthy award recipient. Actually, its something to be proud of.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010



Last Saturday saw us head up the mountain in heavy cloud but it was just a different day in paradise. The Long Route Runners certainly had a great time. I posted a couple of photos on the Facebook page but the conditions were not conducive to taking good pictures. No reports yet from the Short Route Runners so they obviously had a good run or I am sure I would have received rude sms'es and emails. Either that or they are still out there and .......well.........never mind.................

The Walk Run Group really seems to be gaining traction and started with 14 participants. Great work Peter and Sandra et al.

Fay reports that she and Murphy spotted 5 species of orchids on the Brisk Walk.

This coming weekend we once again have some big road races which will probably result in lower numbers attending the training runs. Voet van Afrika on Saturday and Gun Run on Sunday. Consequently, we are going to do a more gentle "leg-loosening run on Saturday morning, to accommodate those who still want to do Gun Run on Sunday. For those wanting to do an easier trail run (easier, not easy) then this is the one for you.

But for those of you who are feeling hard done by, Jane has one of her epics planned for Sunday - see below - AND we will be running more of a beast next week.


Start Place and Time

All groups (Running, Walk/Run) 06h30 sharp from the car park at Constantia Nek.


Long Route: We are going to take the lower jeep track (but with a few excellent little bit of single track mixed in) over to Cecilia Forest and over into Kirstenbosch where we will join up with the second half of Celtics Silvertree Trail run and follow this in Kirstenbosch. From Lady Anne Barnard's Cottage we will work our way up to the contour path and follow it back to Constantia Nek like TMC Leg 2 runners.

Short Route: Will follow the same route up to the point where Long Route joins the Silvertree Trail. At this point, they will head up Skeleton Gorge to the contour path and then follow it back to Constantia Nek.

Walk Run Trail Group: 8 - 10km Route to be decided on by Peter and Sandra - see the blog in due course (

Brisk Walk: Fay is away in Bredasdorp for Die Voet this weekend so there will be no Brisk Walking Group.


Long Route : 15 - 16km

Short Route
: 8 - 9km

Walk Run : 8 - 10km

Running Time

Long Route : 2,5 hours

Short Route : 1,5 hours

Walk Run : 2,5 hours (but check blog)


All routes : Relatively easy with some interesting hills thrown in for good measure, which would rate as moderate.

Special Notes

Dress according to weather forecast (Fri email). Always try and carry a good waterproof jacket.

Carry some water although there are two or three taps in Kirstenbosch. On the way back I would only drink out of Window Gorge stream on the contour path. Avoid the others.


Watch out for snakes on the path if its warm. And check yourself for ticks afterwards.

Stay in groups as this is potential mugging area. Be aware of what is happening around you and look after your fellow runners.

Sign the register before starting. Peter has a separate register for Walk Run Trailers.

Enjoy the easier run. Its not a race.


As discussed yesterday we have settled on Sunday for another epic - details below. This is going to be a slow and steady hike/trot again going for time on feet - although I have tried to plan it so that there can be a fair amount of running if we feel up to it (pipe track and Jan Smuts).

Leave C Nek at 7am up the back of Table Mountain and head left to the dams and museum.

From the museum head back to Corridor Ravine - descend to pipe track Along pipe track and up Woody Ravine, left along the top path to Kasteelport, descend again to pipe track Along and round the mountain to the cable way - up to the contour path and along to Platteklip Up Platteklip to McClears Beacon and back along Jan Smuts to C Nek

I am estimating it will be a full day out and having thought about it I think it will take approx 8-10 hours and will be unsupported - bring your beers for the finish.

If you are interested let me know and please circulate to anyone else who you think may want to join. If anyone interested can RSVP or contact me on my cell: 0790852582 that would be great from a planning perspective.

Many thanks and kind regards

Jane Holdcroft

Have a great week Everyone.