Monday, October 5, 2009



The Route

To be perfectly honest, this could well change change but I am proposing the following as the preliminary plan. I say it could change because it will depend on the weather and also how many mountain bikers are out and about. Lets face it, they are more limited as to where they can ride and I don't want to annoy them unduly by infringing too much on their space. Having said that, we're going to do it anyway, just a little bit, but we need to respect their bit o' turf.

We will start at the Arboretum and head up to the left and cross the stream and start climbing the hill that you ascend on the Manor House Run in December. I'm not sure if its done on the Acustat Tokai Forest Trail Race (end of Oct) but its good practice. We will climb to Level 4 and then start running along Level 4 towards Constantia Nek. We will dive down the first piece of single track to Level 3, follow Level 3 for a while and then down more single track onto Level 2. We will then cross the main access gravel road (jeep track) and work our way over to the switchbacks. At an opportune moment (when there are no mtb's on the switchbacks) we will dash up them and make our way over to the Puffer path that we did last week but we will do it in the other direction; the first section anyway. From there we will wind our way back down to the Arboretum using jeep track and single track in order to make up a total distance of 15km.

Start Place

The Arboretum car park. Tokai Forest. Drop me a mail if you are unsure where this is.

Start Time

06h30 ready to run.


Long Route: 15km
Short Route: 10km

Estimated Time

2 hours. I don't know why I bother; no-one believes me anyway.

How Tough

Relatively easy stuff - 90% runnable.

  1. Please carry your own water. Whilst the stream water may be fine higher up the mountain, I wouldn't recommend it this low down.
  2. Remember to watch the weather report and dress appropriately according to the weather. I will do a weather check on Friday.
  3. Remember that this is mountain biking country. Please be courteous. Be very aware of the presence of the bikers and leap out of the way if you hear them coming. It is easier for us to avoid them than the other way round. This is especially true on the single track sections.
  4. Its also time to start thinking about the sun block again.
  5. Re-read the acsis VOB Trail Running operational guidelines. I know I am taking a solid mocking about how long it is but its good reading. You'll love it. I have attached it again.
    I have also attached the Trail Running Tips document. Please feel free to contribute to it by emailing me your tips.
  6. I will do a better effort of remembering to do the New Balance Trail Shoes Lucky Draw this week. My humble apologies to you and our sponsor for this omission last week.
  7. Do not mess with the baboons. You will lose, for sure.