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Hi Everyone






Lindi is looking for a lift to the start of the Table Mountain Trailers run at Silvermine this weekend.  This will be from the Atlantic Seaboard area.


Is anyone able to offer her a lift?  If so please contact her on lindi@ignitefitness.co.za .




The Durbac / CMC Trail Group has invited the usual Weekend Peninsula Trail Groups (particularly K-Way VOB and MATES regardless of whether or not you are actual members of these clubs) to join them for a run in the Paarl Rock area.  It is a nice run, non-technical (so Mike Ohlsson can complain about it being too fast and easy), and many options as to length (10 -25km).  Best bit is that it gets people onto that big piece of granite, many for the first time.

This will be followed by a skottel breakfast and maybe one or two beers.


Details to follow but please save the date into your diaries.









Let's kick off with an appeal from our indefatigable Car Guards Convenor, Ezan:


CRAG car guarding has encountered problems lately. New people have not been joining the car guard roster so there are now not enough names on the roster to do car guarding each week. To get around this I have been putting car guards only at selected venues, but even so the numbers are thin. Car guarding is usually done in pairs. If you think CRAG car guarding is a good idea, and you haven't had a turn yet, and you are willing to take a turn (just once!) in 2017, please Reply to this email with your name and cell phone number. Ezan will contact you to find an area and date that suit you.


Thanks in anticipation to the floods of volunteers . . . 


Herewith the details for this week's run, shuffle and walk.


Remember to watch the CRAG Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cape-Runners-Against-Gravity-CRAG/113094755419865 for details of each Wednesday's run, and announcements of other trail-running-related matters. And the bare bones are always on the up-to-the-minute CRAG Midweek Calendar at http://tinyurl.com/cragdiary




Date: Wednesday 18 January 2017


Time: ready to go at 5.45 pm


Leaders: Jayde Butler (run), Sonja Damata (shuffle), Christo Steyn (walk)


Location: Lion's Head (see below, Directions)


Route description: From the parking area, we go down the road and cross the very busy Kloof Nek traffic circle before heading up the steep Signal Hill Road for a hundred or so metres; then a sharp left up the stone steps onto the hiking path which runs parallel to and above the road through now dense stands of protea, until we reach the gravel jeep track going up and around to the paraglider launch site; after a welcome breather and photo opportunity we continue along the hiking path which spirals around Lion's Head to the summit, a challenging and interesting mix of rock-hopping, scrambling and even some running . . . After further photo and selfie opportunities with amazing views, we retrace our steps carefully! To the start. Sunset is at 7.59 pm.


Duration and distance: approx 90 mins, approx 6 km


Shufflers: Sonja Damata will lead a slower, more relaxed run, leaving from the same place at the same time, for the same approximate duration. Please note that the normal CSAG pace, whilst slower than the runner group, is intended to get the heart rate up and the lungs pumping, and provide a good work-out for those who, for whatever reason, don't run quite as quickly as they once used to. Shufflers are advised to bring/wear the appropriate kit (see below, Equipment).


Walkers: Christo Steyn will lead the walkers on a BRISK walk, leaving from the same place at the same time, for the same approximate duration. Please note that the normal CWAG pace is quite fast â€" the walk is not intended to be a gentle stroll in the park; it will get the heart rate up and the lungs pumping, and provide a good work-out for those who, for whatever reason, don't run. Walkers are advised to bring/wear the appropriate kit (see below, Equipment).


Starting point: Kloof Nek parking area (click for Google Maps)


Directions: Get to Kloof Nek via Buitengracht and Kloof Nek Rd (from the city) or Geneva Drive / Camps Bay Drive or Kloof Rd (from Camps Bay), or simply follow the M62 / cable car / hiking signs up to Kloof Nek. At the circle, turn onto Tafelberg Rd, skip the first entrance to the parking area, which is now the stop and turnaround area for the MyCiti shuttle, and use the second one to park at the highest level (at the SANParks info office).



·         valid Wild Card/Green Card (go to http://www.wildcard.co.za/get_the_card.htm for details)

·         water/energy drink/munchies

·         weather-appropriate clothing/gear; long-range forecast for 6 pm says partly cloudy skies, no rain, 23 Â°C, moderate breeze S 20 kph

·         personal medication (if required)

·         something liquid for post-run rehydrate session

·         warmer/dry clothing for the rehydrate session

·         whatever else you personally need for comfortable, safe trail running


Car guards: NO GUARDS




The latest emergency numbers being promoted by SANParks, TMNP, SAPS and all the others are

  • City emergency — 021 480 7700: calls patched through direct to Joint Ops Centre and then routed to relevant responders
  • Table Mountain National Park rangers — 0861 106 417: goes directly to Visitor Safety rangers; report anything suspicious or out of the ordinary, persons, objects, possible camp sites, bark stripping, etc etc


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CMC-Durbac Wednesday Trail Run

Meerendal.  For the full schedule of runs check out  http://www.durbac.org.za/trail-runs.html





Thurs 19 Jan: Meet at NEWLANDS FOREST ready to start running at 18h00.

Silvertree Trail, Kirstenbosch route.

Meet in the parking area at the helipad / fire station / Parks Board offices.

NB: PLEASE ALL DO YOUR BEST TO STAY IN YOUR GROUPS – MOST PARTICULARLY DO NOT RUN AHEAD OF YOUR GROUP LEADER. If you are new to the runs and unsure of the pace of the various groups, then rather run with a slower group initially. Thanks 

If you are new to the runs and unsure of the pace of the various groups, then rather run with a slower group initially. Thanks 

To subscribe to this group because you do want to receive this email, send a blank (subject and main body) email to celtictrailruns+subscribe@googlegroups.com 

To unsubscribe from this group because you do not want to receive this email any more, send a blank (subject and body) email to celtictrailruns+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com










A sortie to stunning Silvermine for our second run of 2017!

Brief Description of Route

An easy route up the River Walk, around the Silvermine dam to the Blackburn Lookout -with an optional extension to Elephants Eye for the faster group- and a choice of return routes.

Rendezvous and Start Time

Gate 1 opens at 7am but last year there was a very long queue to enter so it's a good idea to be in the queue by at least 06h45, if not earlier. RV in the first parking area to the left after coming through the gate.
Terrain and Distance

Jeep track and single track, but not much technical terrain – again ideal for newcomers. Quite a lot of gentle uphill on the way- but lovely fast downhill on the way back. Distance 12-14 kms, taking around 2,5 hrs.

If there are sufficient takers for a slow group, you will drive up to the dam parking after registration in the first car park.

What you need to bring

Water - at least a litre. Starting at 7 means that it'll be hot by the end of the run.

A whistle in case of emergencies and a waterproof/warm top & sunblock depending on weather. You may want to take a dip in the dam on the way back so put a towel in the car.

The entry fee is now R50 unless you have a MyGreen card. Remember to bring your ID book too.

Have a great week.

072 575 0914

Warning for all K-Way VOB Trail Runs:  Trail running is inherently more dangerous than road running.  It takes place over uneven hazard strewn trails in exposed and often remote terrain where help is not always readily available.  

Participation is voluntary and entirely at your own risk as although the organizers take reasonable precautions to ensure runner safety, it cannot be guaranteed.  To this end neither the Club nor the organisers personally can be held liable for any claims relating to inter alia, injuries, disabilities and death. Further any minor child participating in any trail running activity will be deemed to be doing so with the consent of his or her guardian.

By starting out on a trail run you explicitly acknowledge that: 1] you understand the associated risks involved and accept full responsibility for your own safety. 2] you are medically and physically fit to participate and 3] are carrying the necessary water, clothing and safety equipment required for the particular run.



Also on Saturday



See details on http://www.parkrun.co.za/constantiagreenbelt/





Saturday 21st January

Gardens Tech Rugby Club, Rugby Road, Top of Upper Orange Street, Gardens
19h00 - reliable running light required, make sure the batteries are charged/full. No light, no run (even if you are only doing 1 peak).


Dopo - 083 659 8443



There will be 2-3 pace groups available, slow-medium-fast. These runs are intended for experienced runners who are training towards the race event. However on the same note, these are pack runs and not a race, runners must stick together and look after one another. For safety sake to ensure large groups, we cannot cater for too many pace options and this will largely be dependent on the turnout of runners on the day. Should you wish to only complete 1 of the peaks, then please still be ready to stay with one of the pace groups.


Route - Platteklip and Lions Head:

The run starts at the Gardens Tech Rugby Club at 19h00, the same time as the race will start. We head up Deerpark via the Platteklip Wash Houses to Tafelberg Road. Run along Tafelberg Road to the base of Platteklip Gorge. The route continues to the top of Platteklip (slower group heads back down here), along the southern path to Maclear's Beacon (only fast and medium groups), and back down to the base of Platteklip again. 

Follow Tafelberg Road to the Kloofnek parking lot. Cross the traffic circle and follow the road to Lion's Head. Take the path on the left that spirals clockwise around Lion's Head to the top and back to the parking lot at Kloof Nek the way you came. Runners continue to the finish along the trails below Tafelberg Rd and down again via the Platteklip Wash Houses.



• Take your own water and snacks.
• You need to be completely self-sufficient. Carry everything you will need on the day. This includes a basic medical kit, space blanket, whistle, windproof (waterproof if it is raining) jacket, warm headgear if it's cold or sun protection if it's hot. Charged cell phone with Mike's number (0823197250) stored as well as the City's emergency ops number (021 480 7700) and the SANParks Visitor Safety number (0861 106 417) programmed in.  Just in case you need rescuing.
• You are also responsible for your own water and nutrition. There is little to no water on the mountain and, for the roadies, there are no water stations. You MUST carry your own.

More important:
Bring ice cold beers for after.







Exact details still to be confirmed on Thursday but here is the gist




Start at the Silvermine Gate 2 car park (the R5 gate)


The idea is to do about a 15km circuit (shorter than usual) around the perimeter of the Silvermine / Steenberg Plateau taking in all of the little peaks on the way around.  About 2 ½ hours.  Followed by a brunch braai at Paul Whitmill's house near the Red Herring in Noordhoek (full details to follow – but for all the free-loaders, this is a bring and braai and a bring your own beer).


Presumably the start will be at 07h00 as the gate only opens at 07h00 (this will be confirmed before the weekend).


It's the usual format otherwise so:


·         All runners welcome;

·         Pace groups:  slow/medium with the CEO Mike, Medium with Spencer, Fast Medium with Marcy and Fast with Koji and Dale (not sure if Dopo will be in attendance after leading a run the night before).

·         Make sure you have all the correct weather-appropriate kit and gear.

·         Definitely carry sufficient water and food.  This is a great run but there is little shade and no drinking water on the route.

·         Bring money for entrance and tipping the car guard.  Used to be R5 entry but may have increased.

·         Everyone is welcome to come to the braai at Paul's place afterwards so bring your food and beer with.



Also on Sunday





Stellenbosch – Paradyskloof Route.


Details to follow on Friday




Very useful links for just about all trail events and news:

https://sites.google.com/site/trailrunwp/  (TrailWP)



www.wildrunner.co.za  /  wildrunner.ning.com


www.houtbaychallenge.co.za or www.fishermanschallenge.co.za




www.soxtrailrun.co.za / www.trisport.co.za



www.allsportstours.co.za (for very affordable lifts to events)


A quick, rough guide to the Regular Weekly Trail groups in the first section of this email (K-Way VOB / MATES / CRAG / Celtics)

There seem to be lots of new faces arriving at the weekly runs and from feedback received it seems it would be useful to clarify some basics and also advise which groups are suitable for which runners:

Which groups for which runners?

·         K-Way VOB Longer Distance Group:  (Not operating at the moment) Saturday mornings.  All runners welcome.  Not just for club members.  This group is for more experienced, fit trail runners who can do 15km – 25km of technical, tough trail at a medium to medium fast pace.  For more information contact Tim Bellairs on tim.bellairs@gmail.com .

·         K-Way VOB Table Mountain Trailers:  Saturday mornings.  All runners welcome.  Not just for club members.  There are three pace groups – 1. Main Group is a similar pace to the Longer Distance Group but for 10 – 15km and with more regroups than the Longer Distance Group which makes it do-able for some of the slower runners. 2. Recovery Group is a gentler pace for 7 – 10km suitable for recovering athletes and novice trail runners. 3. A walking group – not a stroll, but a brisk walk which has been known to bring walkers to near heart failure.  For more info contact Peter Rogers (p.d.n.rogers@gmail.com ).

  • K-Way VOB Monday Evening City Bowl Group:  Every second Monday evening from Kloof Nek car park.  All runners welcome.  Not just for club members.  8 – 10kms and most paces can be accommodated.  Nothing too technical.  For more information contact Tim Bellairs on tim.bellairs@gmail.com .

·         MATES:  Sunday mornings, Tuesday Evening Time Trials and some night runs.  All runners welcome.  Not just for club members.  Similar to K-Way VOB Longer Distance Group and often a little (or a lot) more hard core (extreme terrain) but definitely do-able for most experienced trail runners.  Helps to be a beer drinker.   For more info contact Michael Ohlsson on 0823197250.

·         CRAG / CSAG / CWAG:  Wednesday evenings.  All runners welcome.  A pack run that caters for most trail runners.  Not  what I would call a beginner runner group as you need to be able to do 10 -15km of technical trail with confidence but once you have some base fitness then this is one of the first groups you need to join.  Lots of experienced trail runners to advise you.  The running group has recently been split in two.  CRAG is the Faster Group and CSAG (Shufflers) is a slower running group.  CWAG is the walking group for a brisk walk on the mountains.  For more info contact Rod Prodgers at rodprodgers@icloud.com or Christo Steyn at trailrunner@sobonana.co.za or Ezan Wilson at ezanwilson@gmail.com .

·         Celtics:  Thursday evenings.  All runners welcome.  Not just for club members.  4 – 5 Pace groups which cater for just about all speeds from slow to super-fast.  If in any doubt, start with the slowest group and work your way up over time.  A great place to kick off your trail running although you do need some base fitness (must be able to run 10km) even for the slowest group.

Each club / group has its own emailing list which you can join.   This email just tries to draw all of the info together for convenience.










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